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The National Institute's of Health's Daniel Kastner, MD, PhD, is the seventh recipient of the Feinstein Institute's annual award
The American Association of Immunologists has named Betty Diamond, MD, professor at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, to its inaugural class of distinguished fellows.
Northwell Health's Martin E. Doerfler, MD, collaborates on a study assessing the differences between hospital-presenting sepsis and emergency department-presenting sepsis.
Ashesh Mehta, MD, PhD: As vagus nerve and deep brain stimulation have reduced seizures and lead to better controlled epilepsy, we are mapping the brain to learn its possibilities.
Media coverage
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Vivian Kafantaris, MD, tells Psychology Today that the issue with anorexia is that patients are hungry all the time anyway.
Dr. Ashesh Mehta's study is mentioned in this STAT Health report.
Long Island Weekly spotlights Dr. Betsy Barnes' research.
Media coverage highlighting the Feinstein's bioelectronic medicine discovery that noninvasive nerve stimulation improves rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.
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