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The Feinstein Institutes’ Valentin A. Pavlov, PhD, has been elected vice-president of the International Society for Autonomic Neuroscience, which was given in recognition of his efforts in bioelectronic medicine.
The treatment reduces spasticity by passing direct electrical current across the spinal cord and additional current stimulation in the paralyzed upper limb.
When a EKG flat line says the heart has stopped and death has occurred, Northwell’s Lance Becker, MD, doesn’t accept that as the final word.
Researchers have found that a simple standardized approach for atrial fibrillation patients undergoing surgery has led to improved outcomes, according to a study in the latest issue of JAMA Internal Medicine, led by Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research Professor Dr. Alex C. Spyropoulos.
Media coverage
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InnovateLI and Science Mag cover the latest discovery from the Feinstein Institutes.
Media coverage spotlighting Dr. Bruce Volpe's latest discovery reducing spasticity.
Karina Davidson, PhD, says clinicians should screen adult patients and connect people who use illicit drugs to the care they need.
Dr. Kevin Tracey's innovative work is profiled in this Irish America feature.
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