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We celebrate science and its leaders through the Cerami Award and Ross Prize

The Anthony Cerami Award in Translational Medicine

We are committed to celebrating the stewardship of the scientific process and imparting that perspective to young scientists. We also recognize that the story behind making a discovery in medicine or health care should be cherished and broadly shared. The Cerami Award, which includes a $20,000 prize, is conferred by the editors of Molecular Medicine, the Feinstein Institutes' international, peer-reviewed journal. The goal of the Cerami Award and its associated monographs published in Molecular Medicine is to document the thinking leading to innovations and discoveries so that these stories can endure and inspire future generations of investigators.

The Cerami Award was made possible by the generosity of Dr. Anthony Cerami and the Ann Dunne Foundation for World Health. Dr. Cerami’s breakthrough translational work includes the identification of anti-TNF’s potential to treat a number of inflammatory diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, and the development of the HbA1c Diagnostic Test, currently the gold standard for the diagnosis and control of diabetes.

The Ross Prize in Molecular Medicine

The Ross Prize in Molecular Medicine is awarded by the Feinstein Institutes and Molecular Medicine. This award, which is given out annually, helps to motivate and cultivate promising careers in the fields of science and research. Those who are honored with The Ross Prize will be diligent investigators who show that they are actively working toward discovery and invention. The awardee receives a trophy, a $50,000 honorarium and an all-expenses-paid trip to the award ceremony in New York where he or she presents a keynote lecture.

The Ross Prize is made possible by the generosity of Feinstein Institutes board members Robin and Jack Ross.

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