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Female doctor smiling while seeing patients in the exam room.
Pioneering discoveries for curing disease
We are the home to five leading institutes in medical research—each with impressive track records of producing knowledge that cures disease and improves patients’ lives.

We are recognized as a world leader in research for effective treatments of debilitating mental health disorders. Our early treatment and comprehensive care programs for patients suffering from first-episode psychosis are national models of best practice research and care in the field.

Our mission as the global headquarters of bioelectronic medicine is to challenge traditional approaches to treatment by generating knowledge and expertise about tapping neural pathways to develop new technologies that provide safe, secure and efficient therapies with few adverse effects.

We research cancer and related aspects of cell biology to understand the abnormal growth and behavior of cells that have been malignantly transformed. This information is used to develop and test new diagnostics and treatments for patients suffering from several types of cancers.

Our research uses epidemiology, statistics and laboratory trials to uncover ways to improve how we deliver care. We examine all levels of healthcare delivery and contribute to developing clinical practice improvements, reducing disparities and healthcare costs.

Our mission is to be a world leader in molecular medicine and the premier entity for the education of disease-focused molecular scientists by conducting outstanding, groundbreaking research directed at understanding molecular mechanisms of disease to promote cures.

Our researchers have made important discoveries in many medical fields, including cancer, sepsis, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and bioelectronic medicine. We are driven to produce knowledge to cure disease.