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Raj Narayan, MD, honored by the University of Cincinnati

Raj Narayan, MD, and his wife, Tina, stand beside a painted portrait at the University of Cincinnati.
Raj Narayan, MD, and his wife, Tina. Photo credit: Jay Yocis/University of Cincinnati

Dr. Narayan discussed leadership and the growth of Northwell's Institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery during his keynote address


Raj Narayan, MD, Northwell Health’s senior vice president of neurosurgery and executive director of the Institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery, delivered a keynote speech on leadership at the University of Cincinnati (UC)  on June 14, commemorating 70 years of neurosurgery at UC. The event was attended by the university’s neurosurgery faculty and institutional leadership.

Prior to joining Northwell Health 10 years ago, Dr. Narayan served as UC’s chair of neurosurgery for seven years. In his keynote address, he discussed the different styles of leadership and how they are appropriate for different situations. In addition, Dr. Narayan gave an overview of Northwell Health’s neurosurgery program and how it has become one of the largest and best known programs in the country.

After giving his speech, Dr. Narayan was surprised with an unveiling of his portrait which will be prominently placed at UC, in recognition of the major role he played in the development of its neurosurgery program. “I was extremely honored and humbled at the unveiling,” said Dr. Narayan. “This was certainly one of the high points of my career.”

Dr. Narayan is an internationally recognized expert in the treatment of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) and helped develop the national TBI management guidelines. His other clinical specialties include spinal disorders, brain tumors, hyperhidrosis and normal pressure hydrocephalus. Under Dr. Narayan’s leadership, Northwell’s Institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery has become one of the largest such programs in the country and treats the entire spectrum of neurological conditions.

As a professor of the Institute for Bioelectronic Medicine at Northwell’s Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, Dr. Narayan’s research, in collaboration with Chunyan Li, PhD, includes the development of the next generation of human monitoring devices using BioMEMS technology with a particular focus on the monitoring of the injured brain and finding novel therapies for treating acute traumatic brain injury. He has published more than 135 papers and over 63 book chapters, as well as coedited a noted textbook, Neurotrauma. He has also given numerous national and international invited presentations.