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  • Director, Geriatric Hospitalist Service, Northwell Health
  • Assistant Professor, Medicine, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

About the investigator

As a hospitalist with geriatric training, Dr. Sinvani is passionate about improving the management of care for older adult patients. All too often she has seen the consequences of inadequate geriatric care. Since she began her training on the wards in medical school, Dr. Sinvani has been drawn to the complex nature of caring for the frail elderly during hospitalization, a most vulnerable time for adverse outcomes. Her overall goal is to develop and test interventions to prevent and mitigate functional and cognitive decline in the vulnerable elderly population during hospitalization.

Research focus

  • Geriatrics and aging research
  • Focus on improving quality of care of hospitalized older adults
  • Management of dementia and delirium in the hospital setting
  • Models of inpatient care


Northwell Health
Degree: Fellowship
Field of study: Geriatric Medicine

Northwell Health
Degree: Residency
Field of study: Internal Medicine

Sackler Faculty of Medicine, The Sackler School of Medicine New York State/American Program, Tel Aviv, Israel
Degree: MD
Field of study: Medicine

Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
Degree: BA
Field of study: Biology

Honors & awards

  • 2016 Butler-Williams Scholars Program (NIA/NIH)
  • 2012 American Medical Directors Association Foundation Futures Program
  • 2011 The Daniel Ross Gold Teacher Resident of the Year Award, Hofstra North Shore LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra University
  • 2008 Academic Excellence for Achievements in All Years of Study, Sackler Faculty of Medicine
  • 2007 Academic Excellence for Achievements in Preclinical Studies, Sackler Faculty of Medicine
  • 2004 Graduated magna cum laude, Brandies University


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