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  • Senior Analyst, Department of Medicine, Northwell Health
  • Associate Professor, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

About the investigator

Chris Nouryan, MA has worked for Northwell Health since 2006 as an analyst. He has worked in teams with physicians, nurses, social workers, researchers, analysts and financial experts on four large telehealth projects since 2006. The first was sponsored by the New York State Department of Health and featured 186 randomized subjects. The second, sponsored by the Samuels Foundation, utilized 180 matched cohort subjects. The third was sponsored by Samuels and Verizon. The fourth is sponsored by PCORI. He has been responsible for training, database creation and management, analysis and manuscripts. He has co-written grants which have generated almost $750,000 in revenues for the health system. He has also made several poster and Powerpoint presentations on various subjects and co-authored fifteen manuscripts published in his time at Northwell. Finally, he has served as a manuscript reviewer and contributed to a book about physician orders for life-sustaining treatment which is part of a national initiative.

Research focus

Chris Nouryan, MA works primarily with the Geriatric Fellows – helping them develop a research project from start to finish. He has also participated in projects focusing on telemedicine for CHF patients, chart reviews of all shapes and sizes, surveys on a variety of topics, and a Breast Cancer project. The Cancer project randomly assigns participants to see a geriatrician or receive usual care and follows their progress through the continium of care. He is also involved in an ECRIP project in which Resident Physicians are taught how to ascertain the capacity of a patient in a specific treatment decision.


Hofstra University
Degree: MA

Hofstra University
Degree: BA


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