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A lab scientists looking at a model of molecules for a new research project.
Extensive research to better understand disease treatment
We conduct groundbreaking research directed at understanding molecular mechanisms of disease to promote cures—and we're educating future generations of molecular scientists.

Pioneering discoveries through collaboration

The Institute of Molecular Medicine is a community of the world’s leading scientists and physician-scientists conducting basic, computational, translational and clinical research. We aim to be the world leader in molecular medicine and the premier entity for the education of disease-focused molecular scientists.

Our dedication to training future generations of molecular scientists includes a flexible and dynamic curriculum to educate postdoctoral students and junior faculty seeking to become successful independent investigators.

Our collaborative approach with clinicians enhances the understanding and treatment of disease.

View our Institute of Molecular Medicine researchers.

Dr. Diamond pursues research on the linkages between antibodies and brain diseases, such as autism and PTSD, in individuals with autoimmune diseases. 

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Looking for a cure: lupus

Our labs study DNA-reactive B cells in the autoimmune disease systemic lupus erythematosus. We design research studies to provide new strategies to protect against this illness as well as other autoimmune diseases.