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A male researcher examining with a microscope for the latest experiment.
Discovering new paths that shape the delivery of cancer treatments
We're studying cancer to understand the abnormal growth and behavior of cells that have been malignantly transformed—and using this information to develop and test new diagnostics and treatments for patients suffering from various types of cancers.

Developing new cancer diagnostics and treatments

We have robust areas of cancer researchclinical trials, basic research and translational researchin order to better understand cancer, and to find new paths for shaping and delivering the best, most effective cancer treatments. Our specialists have expertise in research, prevention and post-treatment care.

Our discoveries are used to develop and test new diagnostics and treatments for a variety of cancers. An example is brain cancer—because treatment options are largely limited to surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, we are working to discover new and better treatments by designing and testing new drugs and drug delivery methods.

We have one of the largest cancer programs in the New York metropolitan area, and through our residency and fellowship programs, we're actively involved in educating the next generation of oncologists to provide superior clinical care and develop new therapy and treatment advances.

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Institute Director Richard R. Barakat, MD, was recently appointed to Northwell Health to lead all cancer services and research. 

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