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The Office of Intellectual Assets Management is a service department that works with Feinstein Institutes researchers and other Northwell Health employees to facilitate the patent protection and commercialization of technologies developed by our staff. Our office maintains a portfolio of more than 200 patented or patent-pending scientific technologies and discoveries that are available for licensing or further development.

In addition to advancing discoveries to market, the Office of Intellectual Assets Management is available to assist in the following areas: 

  • Negotiation of License Agreements 
  • Materials Transfer Agreements (MTAs) 
  • Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) 
  • Consulting Agreements

Technologies available for licensing

Our technologies are applicable in a variety of fields and indications, including cancer, devices, immunology, inflammation and autoimmunity, obesity and orthopedics. Please explore the links below to learn more.

Cancer & immunology

CD38 as a prognostic indicator in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Nicholas Chiorazzi, MD
Tech ID#: CHIORN-1000-01
Learn more

Methods and compositions for diagnosis and treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Bradley Messmer, PhD 
Tech ID#: MESSMB-2003-01
Learn more

Methods for treating chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Nicholas Chiorazzi, MD
Tech ID#: CHIORN-2009-01
Learn more

Devices & orthopedics

Twist lock interference screw
Stanley Asnis, MD
Tech ID#: ASN-2012-001
Learn more

Toe protecting cushion device
Jesse Roth, MD
Tech ID#: ROTH-2012-01
Learn more

Inflammation & autoimmunity

Treatment of pulmonary hypertension
Edmund J. Miller, PhD 
Tech ID#: MILLERE-2010-01
Learn more

Contact us

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our technologies or have any questions, please contact our office. 

Thomas Coleman, PhD
Vice President, Intellectual Assets Management
(516) 465-2629
Email: [email protected]

Kirk Manogue, PhD
Vice President, Technology Transfer
(516) 465-2733
Email: [email protected]

Lisa Giordano
Administrative Manager
(516) 465-2629
Email: [email protected]

Alina Kuehn
Administrative Project Coordinator
(516) 465-2694
Email: [email protected]

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