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The Center for Research Informatics & Innovation (CRII) at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research administers and maintains secure and HIPAA-compliant software and hardware that researchers need to collect, store, share and analyze clinical data. Investigators may request access to electronic data capture (EDC) tools such as REDCap, set up secure data storage and backup in SQL databases and on encrypted shared drives, and consult with experts about managing protected patient data and other information used in ongoing and planned studies.

A team of IT analysts, developers, system and security engineers as well as clinical scientists and biomedical informaticists can provide assistance and training in setting up and using electronic data tools. Guidance on using clinical information securely and effectively is also available as are recommendations on the most appropriate approach to data management at any point of a research study or a clinical trial. Technology intended for research is vetted in a rigorous, standardized vetting process to ensure that it is compliant with all privacy and security requirements.

Large-scale projects may require the use of data acquisition and storage methods unique to specific studies or even the development of new software on desktop, mobile or wearable platforms. Longer-term service and development collaborations to achieve such multifaceted and complex research objectives can be discussed, planned and launched with the assistance of our professional and experienced team.

Areas of service and consultations

HIPAA-compliant electronic data storage and management

Northwell researchers and their collaborators may acquire access to applications that store, manage and share data in a process that complies with security and privacy requirements.

Research data analytics

A team of informaticists and IT professionals offers expertise in data mining and predictive modeling using several advanced machine learning techniques. Clinicians, laboratory scientists, administrators and others contributing to research may request assistance with analyzing aggregate population and organizational data or exploring information at the level of individual patients.

Research IT infrastructure

We maintain servers and infrastructure in data centers at the Feinstein Institutes of Medical Research and for Northwell Health, oversee migration to cloud-based services and evaluate new technology and collaboration tools for security and effectiveness.

Digital health innovations

Novel and custom applications are developed for research and for clinical care. This initiative targets desktop as well as web and mobile platforms and their integration with existing smartphone technologies for use in clinical studies.